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Oh! the Fooblik fellas, must be the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about Argeli Vicar. Yes, with Fooblik we at Argeli did earn the reputation of being the master of the funny bone, yes we did kinda create a cult like following in shortest possible time and yes we are the reigning Monarch's of the 'tickle you to death' ism. But, then there is lot more seriousness to our business then just laughter.
Oh! yeah, laughter is a very, very serious buiness. Let us tell you a nice little story of how it all began.

Nilesh Kamath aka Kayenn Coco May's career spans from advertising to publishing. In a nutshell you can call him, a quintessential media man. He started early at age 20 in the World of Advertising, first as Jr. Accounts Executive at Bidhan and then as Associate Creative Director at Greys. From here he went into Editing 'La Mode', Worlds first magazine on Indian Fashion, this when he was only 23. Even with successful launch of La Mode his quest for starting new venture remainded unsatiated and in 1996, he vetured to launch two creative vehicles simaultaneously, Hakuna Matata Entertainment Corp. and LA Kayenn Picture Company Plc. While LA Kayenn Picture Company was busy creating memorable TVC's & Corporate documentaries for likes of Cadbury, Unilever, P & G et al, Hakuna Matata was paving way for Hollywoods entry into the developing World, East of Atlantic. In the years that followed Hakuna Matata assisted Hollywood Majors' in delivering some of the most memorable Hollywood block busters like Titanic, Twisters, Eraser, Dunsten Checks In, The Rock and many more  memorable moments to over 2 billion people outside of America's and Europe. 

Then in early 2000 he took a little respite from the World of Films & Entertainment to start Retro America and entered the Food & Hospitality business. Despite his stupendous success with woks & pans, this perpetual dreamer could not be held back from weaving another new dream, Argeli Vicar. 

Argeli Vicar was setup to bring to fore the limitless possibilities of untapped market potential of Film Production Management & Logistics. It's primary goal is to identify opportunities in the World of Films & Entertainment and then, nurture & nourish to grow & prosper through adequate infusion of human capital & creative resources. It also assists in taking daringly innovative & creative concepts through various stages of devepement. It makes the best of Hollywoods talent & accessible to the whole wide World and thereby creates level playing field for harvesting of Entertainment resources.

In shortest possible span of time Argeli Vicar has assembled & created a community of finest Film Technicians, Writers & Actors. If Bryan Papierski (Director & Cameraman) brings the maturity & experience that comes with age then, Nicholas Econmides (Director) & Brin Hill (Director) bring freshness of ideas & youthful exuberance that is found in fresh out of Film school, graduates. Somewhere in between lies Josh Brewer (Writer/Producer) a Carnegie Mellon Alumni, he balances the two sides of the scale with his uncanny wit & calculated enthusiasm. 



Now the people mentioned in the above story, do play a pivotal role. But there are few heroes & heroines who cannot go unsung for their contribution in making of Argeli Vicar. Nancy McClelland without her no books would be balanced & no accounts tallied. In short we would have been broke by now with all work & no pay. Clare Karchmar, not only does she reconcile all our activities and make reports available when much needed. She is the one responsible for putting bread on our plates and soup in our bowl; For she manages our HR and Payroll process. Now Giovazkie Perez, with a name like that you would be all confused of his role in our scheme of things. But, hold your breath brothers & sisters he is the one who decides what shows should go online and which ones shouldn't. Because, he knows what advertisers like most. Arnold Nisperos, brings his yogic calm on chaotic Production floor and see's that the production meets all the time criteria. So, you see how many people & talent is needed to bring laughter to your face.



Starting early 2012 Argeli Vicar in association with a leading studio will bring to one of its kind Independent Film experience. Endlings is a Argeli, RBE joint venture that should set screens across the world blazing in fall of 2012.

That apart Argeli Vicar will offer Line Production services to Foreign film productions desirous of filming in US and Canada.


Full Range of Production Services:

    Argeli works with end-users in all the 50 State's of US enabling us to provide the most competitive pricing on the market. We use our experience and knowledge to insure your production obtains the best incentive possible.
    We liaison between you and the Unions & the Guilds. And walk you through the norms & regulations to help you stay compiiant withthem throughout your production.
    Argeli has established credit with numerous companies throughout the US and has discounted rates with major companies. We can save your production money and more importantly time!
    Argeli maintains working relationships with the top crews around the US. Additionally, we have extensive knowledge of the crew base from the neighboring Canada & Mexico
    Argeli interfaces with all the 50 US State's Film Office and your chosen production auditor to insure that you maximize your Louisiana spend and tax incentive. Our in-house accountant will coordinate with your production accountant and auditor to both facilitate a smooth tax incentive certification and provide the highest incentive available
    Use of Argeli post production accounting services allows a timely and efficient certification and audit process
    We have a vast array of locations that have been scouted and filmed throughout the US
    The Argeli staff has scouted/scheduled/budgeted several projects around the US. We can not only budget your project based on our thorough working knowledge of crew, vendor and location costs, we can also provide you with an accurate estimate of your ultimate incentive calculation



  • 401 N Michigan Avenue Suite 1200 Chicago, IL 60611
  • 300 S. Wacker Drive, Suite 2300 Chicago, IL 60606 


Soon starting operations in Los Angele, CA and New York City, NY 


401, N Michigan Avenue, Suite 1200 Chicago, IL 60611

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